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From our warehouse in Kotka (Finland)

Склад в Котка (Финляндия)If you have not decided on the desired car brand or want to choose from several models of the most suitable, you can see the cars in Kotka (Finland), in stock of our company.

All cars in the catalog (Kotka) - at your disposal! All cars in Kotka delivered straight from America - you can choose any model and brand, pick optimal configuration, test-drive. Machines from Kotka no accident are extremely popular with buyers - all cars in Kotka are serious presale and go on sale at its best.

Of all the cities where mass is carried out auto sales, Kotka is considered one of the most interesting places. If you are interested in buying or selling cars, Kotka - which is a city that is worth visiting. And if you have a serious approach to buying a car, Kotka is ready to offer you the most interesting options, which you could only dream of! Cars from Kotka you can carry yourself, or order shipping auto transporter - Auto Kotka will be delivered directly into the yard of your home. Transportation of cars "Kotka - a city" will take a few days.

Stock Photos can be viewed in our gallery.

If you experience any difficulties with the documents for entry into Finland, Kotka in our office is always ready to provide visa support.

Склад Global Auto USA в г. Котка (Финляндия)

The attention of dealersIf your car has become a "no-go" for RF (more 7 years), we can take it to the store and ready to assist in implementation. Fast prompt payment of money after selling the car is guaranteed!


Kotolahdentie 6,
Kotka, Finland 48310

Hours of operation:

From Monday to Friday - 8: 00 to 18: 00
Saturday - 10: 00 to 15: 00
Sunday - by Perm. agreement
(GMT + 02: 00)


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+ 358 440 233 210
+ 358 440 233 211


+ 358 523 533 03

Ordering and more information you can contact our coordinator by phone above.

Directions to our warehouse

Порт г. Котка (Финляндия)

  1. Reach the town of Kotka (E 18, 7)
  2. Follow the signs to the city center (KESKUSTA)
  3. On the main road until you see MUSSALO
  4. On MUSSALO until the end of the building PORT OF KOTKA
  5. Area Global Auto USA is left of the building PORT OF KOTKA
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